Term 3 Summary

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have certainly had an exciting and busy term so far, with many special events and more to come.
The students had a wonderful time learning how to draw cartoons and create cartoon stories, when Richard Galbraith presented his two workshops. The children were very excited about sharing their cartoon storyboards with their dads for Father’s Day.

In Science we have been investigating push and pull forces. It has been lots of fun working on experiments with a partner or in a team and sharing roles of manager and speaker. The Science evening was a great way to see what all of the year levels have been learning about in Science.

The Book and Movie Character parade was another special event this term, where we were able to share our love of books and reading, as well as dress up as our favourite characters from movies or books. The Principals looked very funny in their Minions costumes. It was lovely to see everyone in 2D, and the whole school, dress-up in some amazing costumes. Thank you to our mums and dads for helping to make everyone in our class look spectacular!!

We still have our Junior School Concert and Footy Day to look forward to next week. We have been practising really hard for our night on the stage. You are sure to know most of the songs we will be performing from the disco days!

We hope you can all come along and enjoy the performance.
Best wishes from everyone in 2D.

Reading Survey

Dear Parents,
Over the past year we have been working very hard to use current research and best practice to evaluate and develop our own Word Study and Spelling program. It has been very exciting and beneficial for staff and students. This is still an on-going process, and we hope to continue to learn and grow together. Our next focus area is Reading and we would like to begin by involving our parents, teachers and students in the review process. Below is a Parent Survey about reading. Please take a few minutes to complete it as the information we gather will be very beneficial when shaping our future programs.


Term 2

Dear Parents and Carers,
It has been a very busy and eventful term. Our class is working hard on preparing for the Student Led Conferences next Tuesday. The children are very excited about sharing their learning with you on the day.
We have put together a photo montage of some of the events from during the term. If you would like to see what we have been learning about in Maths, we also have a large display of 2D work and photos in the gym foyer.

The Gould League excursion – Earth’s Treasures – was a highlight of Term 3. The children are eager to share their reports and information they learnt from the excursion at the Student Led Conferences.

To keep our minds and bodies healthy, we have been doing Brain Gym, brain breaks and mindfulness activities in class. We have brain breaks between learning activities and love using Brain Gym to wake up our bodies and brains. When we need to calm down and concentrate, we use our breathing buddies to help us to breathe deeply and relax all of the muscles in our bodies, so that we are ready to learn again.

On Gold for Green Day we had a wonderful time building cubby houses out of cardboard boxes that people didn’t want anymore. We had to work together in teams to design and create a cubby out of the materials that we had. Some cubbies didn’t quite turn out as planned! Others even included an outdoor bathroom complete with water pipe.

Next term we will be learning about Community and Entertainment for our Inquiry Unit. After the holidays we will share all of the different types of activities we used to entertain ourselves during the break. The author/illustrator, Richard Galbraith, will conduct two workshops to teach students how to draw cartoons and create their on storyboards. In Science we will be learning about Forces – Push and Pull, with lots of fun experiments to test our predictions. For You Can Do It, we will be focusing on Resilience, and the Protective Behaviours will cover how to stay safe in a wide range of situations. We will continue with our CAFE reading Daily 5 activities, VCOP writing program, SILK word study program and our Maths investigations. We will extend our skills and knowledge to work on multiplication and division problems, and to use formal units for measurement. Another very busy term ahead!

Enjoy the holiday break and stay safe.
Best wishes,
2D and Mrs Hodgkins.

Year 2 Scratch Junior Workshops

The Digitech Year 6 student leaders will be running Thursday lunchtime workshops for lucky Year 1 and 2 students. We look forward to having fun coding with you!
From the Year 6 Digitech Student Leaders
Hugo, Selina, Jenny, Jackson, Brayden and Seb

Term 2 Events

Dear Parents and Carers,

It was lovely to see so many parents at the Cross Country run today cheering our students on. The children showed great persistence in continuing to complete the up hill section of the circuit, despite being tired from the run.

We are looking forward to our excursion to the Gould League this Thursday. This is always an excellent excursion and the children get to participate in a wide range of hands-on activities. We will be taking plenty of photos which I will add to the next blog post!

I have attached a few photos from the end of last term. Our multicultural lunch was a great success and we would like to thank all of the parents for providing so many interesting dishes for the children to try. Some students were very adventurous and managed to try just about every dish! We invited the Principals to come and join in the fun.

We hope to organise a get-together for our families before the weather turns too cold. We are happy to welcome another new student to 2D – Charlie Corby. It would be nice for his family to have the opportunity to meet other parents and students from our class. I will update our class register of contact details and send home new copies.

Kind regards,
Karen Hodgkins and 2D.

Families of 2D social afternoon – Eco Park 17-03-17

Dear Parents and Carers,
Taron Ellison has kindly organised a get-together for 2D families, straight after school this Friday the 17th of March, at the Eco Park across the road from school. It will be a lovely opportunity for parents of 2D students to meet each other whilst the children have a play. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.
Kind regards,
Karen Hodgkins

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